Lock & Lock HPL964 1.2L Tea & Coffee Storage Container

115,000 85,000

– Lock & Lock HPL964 1.2L is used to preserving food, increase the storage area of ​​refrigerators, kitchen cabinets … to help store more food, ensure food hygiene and safety.
– Boxes suitable for preserving food, especially tea or coffee for families or restaurants.
– Made of high-quality transparent plastic, ensuring food hygiene and safety, helping users to observe and choose the right food
– Design of silicone seal and gasket to keep airtight and waterproof, helping to keep food fresh
– Can be used for microwave, fridge, and dishwasher
– Capacity: 1200ml
– Compact size, space-saving: 115 x 115 x 205mm
– Products up to FDA standard (US Food & Drug Administration)
– Origin brand: Korean Lock & Lock Company, made in Vietnam.