Lock & Lock Clear Pickle Jar 1.3L INL412W, Ferment Storage Container

119,000 110,000

  • Genuine Korean Lock & Lock
  • Capacity: 1.3L, height 18cm, diameter 10cm
  • Material: Safe plastic does not contain BPA. PET plastic body (temperature resistant from -20 degrees to 70 degrees). The lid is PP plastic (temperature resistant from -20 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius). Plastic has the potential to increase recycling.
  • There is a specialized shield used to compress the waterlogged melon, the silicon-covered shield helps keep it from floating.
  • The lid of the box has a water dispenser.
  • Note for use: Do not use in microwave, dishwasher.
  • Origin: Vietnam – Made in Co., Ltd Living & Life Vina – Vung Tau.