Food Storage Glass jar Canister Lock & Lock LLG567 1000ml

120,000 100,000

  • Product’s name: Lock & Lock LLG567 metal lid metal tinplate
  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Brand Origin: Lock & Lock Korea – Made in China Lock & Lock factory
  • Transparent glass material, durable, beautiful, solid. anti-fouling, odor, and no chemical interaction with food, ensuring no harm to health. The surface of the glass is scratch-resistant, smooth, so it’s easy to clean when it’s dirty.
  • The lid is airtight, effectively prevents dirt, bacteria from entering, and at the same time does not cause odors out for foods with characteristic smells such as fish sauce, pickled fruit … Simultaneously needle cap The type does not stop contaminated with toxic substances that affect the preserved foods.
  • Open cap design, easy to operate. Round shape jar with a cylindrical body with a suitable size, suitable for storing foods and spices such as confectionery, salt, sugar …
  • The product possesses a compact design with beautiful transparent glass color, easy to observe the food inside, harmoniously coordinated with a neutral color lid, bringing neatness and convenience to the kitchen space.